Delta Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a well-established and well reputed brand name in the field of Storage Systems & Solutions. The product range includes SLOTTED ANGLE RACKS, HEAVY DUTY RACKS, CABLE TRAYS, MOBILE COMPACTORS, PLASTIC & STEEL PALLETS, FOLDABLE CRATES, ESD CRATES AND PLASTIC BINS, GARBAGE BINS, FILING CABINETS & INDUSTRIAL LOCKERS etc.

Over the years we have executed large number of projects both in India & Abroad. While we are based in Mumbai, we have the facility and ability to complete racking installations all over the country with the help of our well trained and experienced installation teams. Some of the challenging projects executed have been a total of 16 warehouses for Uttar Pradesh govt medical warehouses all over the UP state, projects in HAL MIG factory in Orissa, in Koraput which is really a remote area, on ONGC oil rigs on high seas where we have supplied mobile compactor’s etc.

Having exported our products since 20 years, we are also a well-established brand in the Gulf countries. We have supplied materials to our business partners in Saudi Arabia, Muscat in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar , Sharjah / Dubai / Abu Dhabi in UAE , Kuwait etc.

Over more than two decades, we have been providing our clients with an ever increasing range of material handling , storage and racking solutions. This has happened due to the fact that our clients have always appreciated our fast response time and attention to quality. Based on that they expect us to give solutions for newer products and better solutions. This is the reason we have recently introduced ESD crates with lids, Garbage bins, lockers etc.


Our plant is located in Khopoli, Maharashtra and is well equipped with necessary machines to produce quality products. we have complete manufacturing capability which includes shearing and bending machine, power presses, press brake, welding machines, paint booth ,oven etc apart from a well-designed material storage facility where stocks are stored .