Foldable Solid Wall :

DELTA introduces folding crates in solid wall and perforated wall version. Compared with common crate, the packaging volume of folding crates can reduce at least 70% after folding which is a big saving in terms of freight and space as both these parameters are a costly affair in current market scenario.
These crates are widely used in 24 hours chain supermarkets, convenience stores, large distribution centers for Automotive and Retail, department stores, light industry, clothing, home appliances, fruits and vegetables, food processing, and other closed loop distribution system and can realize mechanized handling, improve circulation rationalization & efficiency and also reduce storage and transportation cost.

Size :
540 X 360 X 300 MM
650 X 430 X 210 MM
600 X 420 X 330 MM
600 X 420 X 250 MM

670 X 450 X 360 MM
670 X 450 X 275 MM
820 X 550 X 420 MM
820 X 550 X 330 MM

    Foldable Perforated Wall:

Size :
275 X 367 X 190 MM
550 X 367 X 190 MM
550 X 367 X 285 MM

    ESD Crates & Bins :

DELTA has recently introduced ESD crates & Bins which find application in all EMS organization for storing critical electronic components and assemblies. Blended from the finest Raw Material our ESD Crates provide superior finish apart from strength and importantly have permanent Conductive property.

Size :
600 X 400 X 175 MM
600 X 400 X 230 MM

     Magnum Container :

DELTA range of stack-nest container with Lid helps in improving productivity and reduce distribution costs in Retail, Apparel and industrial applications. It is designed for both automated and manual handling. When nested, the containers save up to 65% in return transport. Since Nestable it occupies less storage space as compared to stackable containers.

Size :
600 X 400 X 250 MM
600 X 400 X 340 MM